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We’re on a mission to push the boundaries of high-value co-op placements.
One of the programs that Digitera launched in Fall 2016 was that of High School Co-Op Students. Provided by various High Schools from local School Boards in and around Ottawa, these Co-Op Students come to Digitera due to their interest in all things within the Computer Arts & Science fields…Programming , Design and Marketing. Our program started slow and has increased rapidly since then, with over 500 students having come through the program to date (as of the Summer 2021 term). Please watch the videos below for a deeper understanding of our programs.
The onset of Covid-19 resulted in a change in the way we operate. Forced to adjust into a 100% remote situation, we decided to take students outside of the Ottawa area. Currently, we take students from anywhere in Ontario, and are now accepting students from the New York D.O.E. as well. Genesis Labs will keep developing and refining our programs to fill the gaps that exist in todays high school digital curriculum, so that students have the best chance of success!