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Below are some of the questions we get asked frequently. If you have a question that we haven’t answered below, please contact us.

For Students

Well, that depends on what stream and substream you’re in of course. Generally speaking, Coders get to work on a real project, with their assignments based on their demonstrated skill sets. Designers also get to work on real brand footprints, as per their various substream. Marketing Assistants start off slower, usually doing Data Entry for the first month and then progressing to more robust tasks as the term goes forward.

Yes, absolutely. The Genesis Labs co-op is NOT actually a teaching co-op, but more of a mentorship program. Students are expected to have working knowledge of the tools and skills required to do the work required of them during their term. Most often, this involves studying before the term starts, so that you report to co-op on Day 1 ready to work.

Think of this program as a way to get real-world experience on skills that you already have.

Unfortunately, not anymore. We used to allow students to study during the term in order to acquire the skills needed to perform the work required, but this has proven to be far too inefficient for the overall term. We absolutely require students to come into Co-op on Day 1 ready to work. Please read the individual page for the stream in question for recommendations on how early to apply for that stream.

Well, the answer is Yes…and No. Although Covid-19 is receding, there are still waves of the pandemic circling the world. We will make judgements in advance of every term, and reconsider every few months. For now, this Co-op will stay 100% remote.

For Teachers

As of Dec 1st, 2021, all placements are fully remote. Our offices are on the campus of Carleton University, and at this time, Carleton’s Covid protocols still do not allow casual visitors to campus. We will continue to re-evaulate In-Person placements going forward, and resume them when it is safe to do so.

Of course, students from high schools outside Ottawa will always be remote.

Using the latest in technology, we’re able to effectively communicate assignments to our students. Slack allows us to have real-time on-demand communications, videocalls serve to give a more robust communication when needed, and work is delivered through Google Docs, Github or Adobe Cloud Storage.

Yes, absolutely. We’re fine to sign WEAs if they are sent to us in proper PDF format.

We’re happy to participate in the reporting process. However, we insist that you prepare and submit a proper Google Form to us for said reporting. Please do not confuse this with a Google Doc…they’re not the same. Also, we won’t accept any PDFs or similar that require us to print, fill out, scan and snd back. Our program is too big to do this for 20-30 students every term. Google Forms allow us to save time accordingly.

Special note…please add an N/A into add fields that require an assessment. Some of these fields no longer apply during Covidian times.

Unfortunately due to the size of our program, we’re not able to offer dedicated meetings to discuss a students progress. With the size of our program, it would take an entire week to run through meetings for every student, and we just don’t have the manpower for this task. Rather, we monitor progress with weekly reports, and will reach out to the teacher in question should WE identify an issue that requires attention.