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Welcome to Genesis Labs


Hello, and thanks for stopping by. As it states all over the site, this is the all-new Genesis Labs, which was formerly called the Digitera Co-op Program.  As the program has grown since our initial co-op cohort of Fall 2016, it was time to give it it’s own name and identity…so here it is! We hope you like it.

Operationally, the program is still overseen by Jordan St Jacques of Digitera, and the scope-of-work is the same as always. We still take students in three basic tech-related streams; Programming, Design and Marketing…with specific substreams underneath each of these broad categories that change on a term-by-term basis depending on our own internal needs. Indeed, the best way to think of these two brands is as sister-brands, all operating under the same roof.

Stay tuned with us as we continue to expand and improve our well-known program, and send us your tech-savvy students. We’ll make them better!